The RISE ZINE was a self-published, quarterly magazine that was produced by RISE between 2016-2018. Each issue was created by the community responding to a question or theme through artwork, poetry, and visual communication.

Links to RISE ZINE issues can be found below. Limited numbers of printed copies of the RISE ZINE can still be purchased by donation at various RISE events for a suggested donation of $5.00

RISE Zine – Issue 1What Does Reconciliation Mean To You?” (Published on December 15, 2016)

RISE Zine – Issue 2Youth and Reconciliation” (Published on March 30, 2017)

RISE Zine – Issue 3 “150 Acts of Reconciliation” (Published on September 6, 2017)

RISE Zine – Issue 4 “The Next One Hundred and Fifty” (Published on January 24, 2018)

RISE Zine – Issue 5 “Indigenous Goes POP” (Published on May 27, 2018)


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